Weekend Reading

Hiiiii you guys!!! It’s been a hot minute since I posted here, hasn’t it? I’m just gonna say, real life, and move on. Work, travels, and a general lack of motivation to blog, all of that contributed to the silence around these parts. Nonetheless, I thought I’ll ease back into blogging with a few updates from my end, and some good links from around the internet.

What are you guys doing this weekend? We’re in the middle of a long weekend (Eid Mubarak to those celebrating, in advance) and it’s turning out to be a good mix of social/outside stuff, with enough downtime thrown in. AT and I got our annual health check up done yesterday. The results should be available sometime next week, and I am hoping that nothing is drastically off.

We saw a fantastic live show yesterday, Mughal-E-Azam, based on the eternal (and doomed) love story of Anarkali and Salim. The whole production was beautiful and the performance by the cast was absolutely splendid. We also managed to catch up with some friends after the show.

We’re watching the movie Tubelight today (I know, I know, we’re going despite the reviews), and apart from that, it’s mostly going to be just home stuff. Getting some meal prep done, and also figure out a few work related things. I am also going to spend some time on the blog, and the shop (!!!!!!!!), which I I hope to launch in early July. Also, as an aside, how are we already six months into the year???!!!???

I hope you guys are having a great weekend, and have fun plans for the rest of the weekend too. A few good links for you in case you’re in reading mood.

Loved reading Hallie’s fitness story. So inspiring.

Who says wellness has to be boring?

I could so use these tips to get myself motivated at work.

Fresh flavours for all the mojito fans out there.

Have you seen the new GoT trailer yet? Someone’s taken the time to analyse almost every frame, and they’ve compiled ALL of the details! (#respect; also, how much time do they have?)

Painting with brushes, and other interesting things from an interview with Jo Malone.

I’ve loved watching Master of None, and this interview with Aziz Ansari’s younger brother, Aniz Ansari, was a delight to read.

If you’re looking out for new songs to listen to (I almost always am!).

I think I need to get myself one of these iRings.

So many great book recos in this Twitter thread.

I’m just about starting to get the hang of Twitter (yes, I know! Welcome to 2017!), and I loved reading these tips from Sarah.

This photo wins the week, okay?

Cue all the hearts after reading this thread.

{image via Unsplash / Kari Shea}