This week just flew, it seemed.

I started the keto diet earlier this week, and while food-wise I am doing mostly okay, what has not been so okay is this low level headache/brain-fog that seems to have persisted. I decided to take some time off from screens (beyond what was necessary for work), and hence didn’t get around to posting any content on the blog this week. I’m allowing myself to sleep longer than I usually do, and also upping my intake of water (mixed with some salt and a dash of lime juice).

Anyway, I am sure it’s a matter of another couple of days before my body gets used to this new way of eating. Till then, I am pampering myself with a little extra TLC. And that never hurt anyone, right? :)

I am also suitably pleased that I managed to get in 4 workouts this week, including 3 sessions with my personal trainer. I wanna try and fit in a bit of some yoga flow sequence today, so I’ve been browsing through the videos on the “Yoga with Adriene” channel. Do you have any favourite yoga workout videos?

I am headed to Seoul later tonight for work, and am somewhat anxious about maintaining my diet while I am travelling… let’s see how that goes. I’ve usually stayed at the Grand Hyatt Hotel (which is just fantastic, btw) close to Namsam Park, but this time, am staying in the Gangnam area, so I am hoping to get a couple of hours after my work and meetings are done to explore this new neighbourhood.

How was your week? And how is your weekend going? Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s a good one, and filled with lots of excitement and/or lots of rest & relaxation!


I’ve got a few good links from around the internet, in case you’re in the mood for some Sunday reading.

In the light of her (very famous) friend admitting to multiple instances of sexual misconduct, Sarah Silverman asks a very important question – can you love someone who did bad things? (sidenote – her statement about the whole Louis CK episode was so well done… she did not dismiss her friendship with Louis CK and she managed to keep the focus on the many victims of his disgusting behaviour plus highlighted her conflicted feelings about her friend too. Maturely handled.)

I loved this Vanity Fair feature on Jennifer Lopez and Andy Rodriguez. They come across as so human, and so in sync with each other.

Festivals and holidays are not easy for everyone. Lindsay’s survival guide comes from a place of profound pain and understanding. Worth reading for everyone, I’d say.

Lots of recommendations if you’re a masking enthusiast and need some anti-aging boost.

Shower steamers I’d love to try.

I’m digging Anna’s super minimalist and clean nail care routine.

If you’re in the market for sustainable beauty brands.

Such an honest post from a soon-to-be-mum.

Victoria’s pictures from Kauai are stunning.

I am sure a lot of people would identify with Natalie’s thoughts on moving home at 27 and figuring out quarter life identity crises.

I wish I could go to this Yayoi Kusama exhibit.

This house was made for the movies. (via Carly The Prepster)

Just how bloody gorgeous are these red velvet heels?

I loved Meg’s idea of reading the works of an author in the order of their release. She’s doing it with Joan Didion. I’m tempted to take this up as a project.

A full-body stairs workout that you can add to your routine.

Does your body deserve an apology? A heartfelt letter from a fitness instructor.

The best young adult books of the year.

So many cool inventions this year. Loved seeing Fenty Beauty, the Nike Pro Hijab, and the Tasty One Top on that list.

Image via Unsplash / Vladislav Muslakov