Weekend Snapshots – Road Trip to Kashid

Monsoon road trips are the best.

Monsoon road trips with friends are even better.

This past weekend, Ankur and I took a road trip to Kashid with some of our oldest friends. It’s become a bit of a ritual – a road trip in July to celebrate the birthdays of two of our friends. Kashid is about 5-6 hours drive from Mumbai (but our friends who left in the morning managed to make it a nine hour drive thanks to multiple stops along the way!), and some 30 kilometers further south from Alibaug. There are several small resorts / hotels in Kashid, but since we were a rather large group, we decided to book a villa for the weekend instead, which turned out to be the perfect choice for us.

The Good Living Blog - Weekend in Kashid 12The Good Living Blog - Weekend in Kashid 14

It was one of those weekends filled with endless conversations, walks on the beach, constant snacking, delicious seafood lunches, game sessions being played late into the night and lots of drinking. And cake, of course.

It was one of those perfect weekends.

Here’s a snapshots of our weekend getaway.

Kashid Weekend

Seriously, there was a gurgling stream flowing right beside the villa!

Breakfast with friends.

View from my bedroom.

Lunching on the freshest seafood under the palm trees at Patil Khanaval at Murud (cannot recommend this place enough for sea food lovers!!!!!).

The Good Living Blog - Kashid Weekend 8The Good Living Blog - Kashid Weekend 10

I wish I knew the name of the beach that we stumbled upon, but it was seriously the best. No crowds, no beach shacks, just the water and the sand.

In the company of friends. It’s the best thing, really.

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