Do This Weekend #2 – Try a New Recipe

Before I get to the bit about setting the intention for this weekend, I thought it might be a good time to take stock of how last week’s intention went.

I was pleased to see that I’d actually achieved some of the things I’d set out to do. Like, launch an Etsy store – check; travel to 5 new places – check; have a special experience with A each month – check(ish) and so on. But of course, there’s a bit of recalibration also needed (have done nothing about implementing a regular exercise schedule, my work goals are seriously lagging, etc.)!!! And in a way, that’s okay. I mean, it’s better to do course correction now rather than rue at the end of the year that I’ve barely made a dent in my goals, right?

In terms of personal / creative pursuits, these are some of the key things I intend to focus on for the rest of the year.

» Work towards establishing a sustainable healthy lifestyle (which at the moment translates to exercising 3-4 times a week and clean eating most of the time).
» Invest time and effort to grow this blog and my Etsy shop
» Get to know our parents better (I’ve got some interview questions lined up for my and Ankur’s parents)
» Participate in a creativity challenge
» Connect better with friends (be more prompt about returning calls, sending birthday notes on time etc. etc.)

How did you guys go?

Now coming on to this week. How about we try a new recipe?

I enjoy cooking, but whenever it’s my turn to cook, I usually find myself defaulting to the same old tried and tested staples. It’s always good to shake things up a bit, right? I’ve got a whole bunch of recipes pinned to my Food & Drinks board on Pinterest and I’ll probably give one of these recipes (one, two, three, four) a try.

What do you think? Are you joining in? What recipe would you like to try out? And I’d also love to hear from you if you participated last week!

Image via Unsplash | Gaelle Marcel

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