December Break + See You In 2017


Hey, you guys! For the last few months I’ve been intending to work out a consistent blogging schedule, but it’s just not happened. I’ve struggled with keeping this blog even remotely current, and going into one of my favourite months of the year, I didn’t want any weird feelings about the blog in my head.

So here I am, telling you that I am intentionally taking December off from even attempting to be active on the blog. I do have lots of thoughts and things that I’d love to share here, but am restricting all of that to my journal for now.

Work’s been quite busy of late, and I am kind of liking this last spurt of activity before things quiet down after the 20th of the month. I absolutely intend to use the slower days of the month to reflect on the year gone by and also put in some thought on my goals and intentions for the new year. I hope you take some time off to do so yourself!

Before I sign off for the year (I SERIOUSLY cannot believe how it is December already!!!), I wanted to wish you all the happiest holiday season and a wonderful end to the year. It’s been a bat shit crazy year, and for so many reasons, I am already looking forward to 2017.

See you guys in the new year!

Photo via Unsplash – Sebastien Gabriel

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