Discovered: Boat Magazine

I spend a LOT of time on the internet. One link leads to the other, and boom, many, many hours gone by. Sometimes, it’s all a wasted effort. Trashy article after trashy article, one too many Facebook “personality” tests, looking through the photographs of a friend of a friend on Instagram – you all know what I mean! Come on, you’ve been there too.

And then there’s the other times, when you strike (virtual) gold.


Boat, was one of those “other times” for me. I wish I could remember where and how I chanced upon the link to this magazine’s website, but once I did, I couldn’t stop marvelling over the philosophy, the approach, and just the sheer pleasure of having found something beautiful, and so unique.


So each of Boat Magazine’s issues focus entirely on one city. And that’s not all. They actually M-O-V-E, and not just travel, to the focus city for a few weeks to get a better sense of the place and to deliver a truly “local” sense of the place. Here’s their philosophy, as put up on their website.

 “For each issue, we physically move to the focus city for a few weeks setting up our studio and working with locals to create the content. The locals get to decide what they want the world to know about their city, and we work day and night to uncover stories that don’t usually get told. This inside/outside approach to a city keeps the perspectives varied and balanced and the overall content raw and often surprising.”

Just how amazing is that!


Once my self-enforced “no-shopping” exercise gets done at the end of this month, I am going to place an order for their Havana issue.

Have you read this magazine? What are the other cool magazines that you’ve discovered?

All images via Boat Magazine.

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